How incredible is this little city of ours? The Bay, the Redwood trees, the murals and coffee shops...During our family's time in Philadelphia, we learned that a city is not made up of buildings and streets, but of the people who call it home. Since moving to Oakland, we've seen so much beauty: a whole city of people committed to making a unique gem out of this place in which we dwell.

I believe this same philosophy is true of the church. A church isn't made up of the brick and mortar, but of the people who gather within--communing together to seek Jesus, to worship their creator, to cry together when life is hard and to celebrate when life is happy, to show love together and share in the truths of scripture. We're not perfect; we're just humans who love Jesus.

If you're local to the East Bay area and looking to learn more about Jesus or deepen your relationship with Him, if you're looking for a community whose foundation is Jesus, you're welcome to stop by and say 'hello' to us at East Bay Alliance Church.

If you're not local, but looking for a church community, check out the international family we're a part of known as the Christian and Missionary Alliance. There are so many beautiful communities seeking to live out their lives as disciples of Jesus; this just happens to be the one that we call home. My husband and I are missionary candidates with the Alliance, and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

In the meantime, welcome to my little piece of land on the interwebs. I hope you enjoy, engage, and linger. I'm grateful you are here.