#Momlife // Featuring Zocalo Coffeehouse

Since having my daughter a year ago, I have learned that being a mom to our little girl is no easy task. Nothing and no one in life had me pressing the pause button so many times in a given day. In fact, my own apathy was probably the only real contender when it came to hitting "Save Draft" in the years before my daughter's arrival.


After college, I didn't get a career doing anything particularly life changing and I never got hired for a job that required much sacrifice or passion. In time, this is something I came to appreciate about my places of employment; I liked the fact that my job could stay there when I clocked out and I could focus my energy on the other areas of my life.

And then came motherhood...

I'm writing about this new life as a mom for one main reason: there are some moments in life when I just have to make something--make anything--happen for the sake of my own identity. In these moments, I know I'm not going to change the world or even anyone's day, but just sticking it out has to be enough sometimes. Persevering for the sake of passion seems like a worthwhile move, so here I am.

I'm a woman full of passion, a dreamer--perhaps even an idealist. Being a parent is hard. I don't end everyday feeling like I've accomplished something great, and I don't even like it all the time. It's not a job: I don't have to answer to a boss when I'm late or when my shirt is wrinkled, but it is hard work. It is one of the few things in life that requires intentionality, even when I don't feel like giving it my all. It requires much patience, grace, and the willingness to press hold many times in a given day.

So for now, these are my thoughts. This is my effort to do something to make the world more beautiful today in a way that speaks to who I am as a person--not as a mom, but as a creative woman wanting to add to the beauty of every day life.

For the other mama's and papa's out there, I'm intensely grateful for this little toddler haven:

Zocalo Coffeehouse | 645 Bancroft Ave San Leandro, CA, 94577

Thanks for joining me,

B.G. Cook