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Thryve // Mended

In honor of all the hard work and dedication the beautiful women of Thryve Magazine as well as all of their contributes put into their latest addition, I want to share some great news with you!!

In sweet humility, I was honored to be a part of Mended, issue 6 of Thryve, released March 6th. It was a huge surprise to me when they wanted to publish this piece I wrote for this special edition. Now that it's out, I couldn't be more ecstatic to have had the opportunity to play a role.

I would love for you to see what Thryve is all about by visiting their site. As of this latest addition, they felt led to make their publications FREE, so no excuses ;)!! But really, please go and read the stories and see the artwork/photography of all the incredible women who played a role in this latest issue.

Live Fully Alive // Also be sure to search Instagram for #LiveFullyAlive to see what this motto means to their devoted followers.

All of the people involved in this publishing process are people who perfectly represent the mission of These Sacred Grounds. Their presence in my life is one of peace and lingering, always willing to take out special time to simply be present with those around them.

A special thanks to my longtime friend, Abi Ray of R.Riveter (the bag featured in our shoot) for traveling all the way to California to take part in this issue, and to Heidi, Kris, my mom, and Valisha for helping me along in the writing process.