The Backstory // Featuring Calm Waters Roaster

I had a professor in college, who in one statement made the world more beautiful. During a mini celebration for his 70th birthday, in a lighthearted, now-that-you're-70 kind of way,he was asked the meaning of life. After a bit of thoughtful deliberation, his response?

"The purpose of life is to be a human being."

Now, six years later--I've rolled over those words, twisting and turning them like the six sides of a Rubik's Cube. In the hard chapters, the times of celebration, in the sad and tear-filled moments, I've thought of these words. Just keep on...being human. Be true and real and raw as to where I am in any given moment of my life, and seek to fully embrace the most mundane parts of my life alongside the extraordinary. 

My last coffee date before our East Coast departure.

In the beauty of a human creation, I usually find myself meditating on this theory about life and its meaning:

The Name of that Shop | The Unique Markings of a Building | This medium | Those Mugs

My mind wanders to and fro as to the whys and hows any given piece of art was brought into being. I consider, "what prompted its creator to choose each aspect the way that they did, with intentional care and thought?"

This is the thinking that lead me here--to These Sacred Grounds.

As I sit in cafes, not looking for sacred moments, but stumbling upon them nonetheless, these are the places my mind wanders. I mull over each aspect of the place--not judging, yet studying.

The beans, the cups, the lay of the land with tables or couches--maybe both. The chatter blended with the sounds of typing and steaming milk. The aromas and the way the sunlight makes shadows on books along the wall based on the font of the shop's name plastered on the front window. These are the aspects of life that help the world feel a bit less chaotic and a lot more grounded in beauty and love.

Featuring // Calm Waters Coffee Roasters, Bristol, PA

If These Sacred Grounds had a dating profile, it would read as follows: New site looking to share stories of those my writer encounters around town. Tendency is to wander, deliberate, and maybe say something witty or opinionated once and awhile. New to Oakland, getting to know the locals, not looking for anything serious--perhaps light banter. 

Thank you for joining me here,

B.G. Cook